Story Writing

Why should you learn to write short stories?

Short stories teach you how to communicate efficiently. They teach you to say something complicated in a simple and engaging way. Readers don’t like it when they can’t understand what’s going on. We don’t want them to rage quit your story.

You want to start writing but don’t know where to go? Short stories are the best place to start. You learn and sharpen your fundamentals without spending a year writing a novel. Only to realize you didn’t have enough for a novel and you wasted a year. A short story should take about a week to write. It’s better to lose a week than to lose a year. It’s also mathematically impossible to write 52 bad short stories.

Short stories are easier to get published. Getting short stories published is a writers calling card. In the publishing world you are more likely to be picked up by an agent if you have been published before. It makes them take notice when they see that others think your work is good.

Short story writing also teaches you to write consistently and helps you finish a project. It’s a great way to train your brain to finish what you start.

I’m going to teach you;

  • Techniques on how to deal with writer’s block
  • Discovering your writing style
  • Nut’s and bolts.
  • Character and setting
  • First line
  • Dialogue

I have spent the last 4 years and thousands of dollars sharpening my skills as a writer and editor, learning the how’s and why’s of becoming an effective writer. Focusing on craft and becoming better. I will help you save money by passing on what I have learned at a fraction of the cost.

Short Story Writing with Devin at 8 AM PST

26 November 2020- 30 November 2020 Five day class (one hour a day via Zoom) By the end of this class- If you do your homework- you will have the foundations for a solid short story. And a strong process in place for creating story characters and ideas. Space is limited

10.00 $

Short Story Writing with Devin at 8 PM EST (With Feedback)

26 November 2020 – 30 November 2020 By the end of this class – if you did your homework – you will have the foundations for a short story. And a fail proof method of creating a short story.

10.00 $

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