The 504 Magazine

The Old Woman in the Woods by Jennifer Walker

A Mosaic of Virtual Masks by John Laue

A Magician in the Land of Witches by Alex Valdiers

The Inevitable Portion Jordan Zuniga

Old Stuff Thomas Elson

City of Soot and the Desert by Paul Ballard

Balance By Bethany Walker

Don’t Look By Faris Salhi

Being a Clown By Rani Jayakumar

Big Fella By Cora Tate

An Acquisition of Words By Todd Sullivan

The Dungeon Ghost By LindaAnn LoSchiavo

Guard Duty By Rosa Meronek

Well-Wish by Karlo Sevilla

A Betrothal Necklace by Devin Vandriel

You have died of Dysentery by Yah Seyedbagheri

Olden by Tony Kidd

Off to see my Psychoanalyst by John Grey

A Moment too late by Amanda Coote

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